Email Bounce Management

By Alan Hartless · PUBLISHED August 31, 2015 · UPDATED August 31, 2015

Mautic has some pretty great stuff coming in the next release (1.2) and you can go read about all the features for yourself but we wanted to highlight just a few of them on their own because, well, they are just too awesome to just get tossed into some release note. In this short article we’re going to look at email bounce management. This is one feature of email marketing and marketing automation that has been extremely important and one we recognized early on as key to our continued success.

What is bounce management?

Bounce management in email marketing is how your email marketing software handles non-deliverable messages (messages that bounce from the recipient). There are a number of reasons for this failure and you need to be able to handle them when they happen.

Traditionally this type of functionality is very difficult to accomplish in a distributed software platform (like Mautic) and thus open source email marketing systems has been somewhat limited. We change all of that. Mautic is capable of powerful email marketing systems and now includes bounce management.

How Mautic handles email bounces

With the latest release of Mautic a new section has been added to the configuration area. In this configuration area you can define the monitored email address, the connection details, the folder you wish to check for bounces as well as a folder you wish to check for unsubscribe requests.

Mautic Bounce Management New Feature

Mautic will read every message that enters those folders and parse it out successfully within your Mautic marketing automation software. It’s a powerful new feature and one that’s critical to a successful open source email marketing system.

Bounce management gives you the power to know and build your email marketing the right way. Knowledge is power and with bounce management in place you’ll be able to refine your email marketing lists, improve your send/open rates, and ultimately make your email marketing successful.

Remember, this is only one feature from the upcoming release of Mautic. We’ll share other featured improvements soon, and of course if you just can’t wait you can go read more in our release notes on GitHub.



Those this apply to the hosted version as well? If not is anything changed there in terms of bounce management?
John Linhart

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Please, ask the question about Mautic hosting services to the support of these services.
Christopher Potter

Handling bounces can require additional configuration in PHPMailer is used. Mainly : /etc/postfix/ Add the following lines notify_classes = bounce bounce_notice_recipient =